Holocaust survivor to speak Saturday in Sunset Beach

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

The public is invited to come and hear holocaust survivor Alfred Schnog speak at 9 a.m. this Saturday, Nov. 2, at Sunset Beach Community Church, 1643 Seaside Road (N.C. 904).

Schnog, a Wilmington business owner, witnessed the horror of the Third Reich as a child.

He will tell about living in Nazi Germany and his family having to escape to save their lives on the eve of World War II.

Schnog has spent the last few years traveling around North Carolina sharing with groups what it was like for a Jewish family living under Nazi control.

Schnog’s family — father Ludwig, mother Margaret and his twin brother, Norbert — lived in Cologne, Germany, in the 1930s when the Nazi party took control of the government.

From 1933-38 they lived through the Nuremburg Laws, which made anti-Semitism governmental policy. As a 5-year-old boy, he learned to fear the Gestapo.

Schnog and his brother were not allowed to go to school with other Germans because they were being taught in school to hate Jews. Instead they went to a school for Jewish children, which had the unexpected benefit of providing a good education because they had all the best Jewish teachers who were also pushed out of the German schools.

His family began to live an undercover life.

Schnog’s father, an engineer, worked for a Jewish business owner who made materials that turned out to be important to build the German Army. His father’s value provided leverage to move the family out of Germany.

But the company had business in Holland, where the family was able to go in November 1938. A year later, they were able to travel to the United States. Thirty-five days after their arrival, the Nazis invaded Holland.

Schnog’s father eventually started his own business, and both brothers also became engineers. Alfred later went to work for his father and in 1963 started his own business, Schnog Enterprises.

All are welcome to come and hear Schnog speak Saturday at the church. Call 754-4105 for more information.